Opposing the EDL march in Bolton

The fascist group the ‘English Defence League’ are planning on marching through the working class and multi-cultural town of Bolton in March. Although the EDL don’t claim to be racist or fascist, they are mainly composed of BNP supporters, ultra-nationalists and football hooligans spoiling for fights.

Its seems they plan to use the same tactics that were used by the NF in Bradford a few years back, their presence igniting racial tension that they can then blame on ‘the muslims’. This is the latest in a series of displays put on by the EDL across the country, intent on stirring up tensions and scapegoating ethnic minorities.

Its important to be careful about our rhetoric here. Whilst the government can ban the ‘Islam4UK’ group for calling for a march through Wootton Bassett, but not ban the equally idiotic and equally dangerous EDL for doing the same, shows exactly where the establishment’s sympathies really lie. However, its important to note that banning any political organisation, no matter how ‘radical’ or dangerous it may be, only serves to disenfranchise them even further. Any curtailing of the far right’s freedom of speech will doubtless be used against the far left in greater amount. Any bureaucratic, government lead “solution”, is essentially dis-empowering to the left and will only result in the EDL making gains through people sympathising with the political underdog.

After a largely disappointing turn out by the left at the EDL’s last march in Stoke it becomes clear that we really need to build for Bolton. I know there are only so many places radical lefties can afford to go, and I know that we all have fuckloads of other commitments, but it seems building for this event is going to be of vast importance, especially since we know that the far right will be building for it too.

We cannot rely on politically wet groups like UAF to do the organising for us. Its time the radical left really show that fascism is not welcome on our communities. Come to the counter demo in Bolton on the 6th of March. Bring your friends and bring your anger.

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