Make Your Own Pineapple Cider

Make Your Own Pineapple Cider

Ever thought about brewing your own cider? Well, this tangy pineapple cider only takes a few days to mature and is the perfect biology experiment.
Anyone who has tried my Pineapple Cider will know that it can be a bit lethal, so drink safe 😛

Ingredients serves 8-10

1 large pineapple
2lb sugar
6 pints water
6 thinly sliced limes
¼ tsp each of ground cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg


Peel the pineapple and cute the peel in small sections
Roughly chop and then mash the pulp
Dissolve the sugar in the water
Add all the other ingredients including pineapple mash and peel
Allow the mixture to stand, covered, for 1-3 days until it tastes like a tangy cider
Strain and keep in the fridge
Serve chilled

This recipe is stolen from the “Grime and Nourishment” cookbook/zine, which is organised by the nice people at the 56a infoshop

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